We are looking ahead to expand to new markets nationwide and to further expand our online presence at bevello.com. We understand that it is the effort of each individual associate that contributes to our continuing success.

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Our Mission

At bevello, our mission is to empower women to look + feel beautiful. Our mission statement guides everything we do: how we look, how we communicate and how we see the world.

OUR vision

It’s simple. Our vision is to create a fashion retail company, where bevello is nationally recognized as a fashion leader, and is known for fashionable merchandise and outstanding client service.


The bevello core values describe who we are and what we are all about. It is our promise to our clients, our associates and ourselves.

  1. CAN DO ATTITUDE: Choose to start each day with a focus on the things that you can control and graceful acceptance of what you cannot control. 
    ENCOURAGE and inspire yourself and your fellow bombshells everyday! 
    EMPOWER one another to operate at our highest standards. 
    EXCITE yourself and you will excite the team around you. 
    EXCEED your expectations. 

  3. EXCELLENT CLIENT SERVICE + EXPERIENCE: Treat and take care of each and every one of our clients with a sense of kindness, professionalism, respect and passion; going the extra mile to create an amazing experience. 

  4. PASSION + FUN: At bevello, we have fun at work and are passionate about what we do. 

  5. PRIDE IN EVERYTHING WE DO: We must go above and beyond expectations for our clients and our fellow bevello associates. 

OUR three steps of service

bevello’s primary responsibility is to offer outstanding service to each client, ensuring that their experience surpasses expectation on all levels.

  1. A warm welcome + a sincere greeting with a smile
  2. Anticipation + fulfillment of each client’s needs
  3. A fond farewell + an invitation to return

OUR passions

SHARE THE BVE: We see ourselves as part of the global community and we love to give back through philanthropic efforts!

ECOBVE: We are committed to investing in eco-friendly programs that help keep our world clean.

BVE MADE IN THE USA: Buy American is back and we are doing our part by carrying a variety of Made in America products.

I love how everyone at bevello works as a team, from store level to headquarters. We all go above and beyond for each and every client.
— Lauren Whitehead, Client Service Manager @ HQ